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coIB. We’re your people.

We’re Infrastructure/Cloud/Workspace consulting specialists who thrive on big projects - the complex stuff. Challenges don’t overwhelm us, they excite us.

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We are coIB

Challenges don't overwhelm us because we know that embracing a forever changing industry builds diverse thinkers and calculated risk-takers.

We transform the way technology is used by complex, large scale companies, wanting to make big changes. That’s why we hire passionate, driven, and curious people, just like you.

We’re your industry pulse

We want you to develop, achieve, and thrive. We work on the seemingly impossible projects and make them possible. Projects that make the ordinary mind boggle, the overachievers eager to make change, and the IT specialist, well, want to be the best in their field. 

We’re the problem-solvers, the industry changers, and the people that make big ideas come to life.

We’re your future

The key to a great opportunity is recognising it. But it’s not always easy. 

That’s why at coIB it’s not about finding a job, it’s about building a career. 

We’ll see you through the challenging times, your biggest accomplishments, and celebrations. Your achievements inspire us to push the boundaries of technology. 

We’re coIB. We’re your people. 

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