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Careers at Curate

We provide the tools event professionals need to be successful with their weddings and events.

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About Us

You will be joining the fastest growing software company in St. Louis and will be transforming the lives of event professionals like florists, caterers, and rental companies with tools that have never been available in the market. You’ll love how empathetic we are with the people we help. 

Our core company principles include that we are always measurably growing, we are radically transparent, we are a team, we are focused on the end goal, we are absolutely positive and we are empathetic.  Our voice is knowledgeable, giving, innovative, and always differentiating ourselves.  We are understanding that different companies work different ways and we are guided by patterns.  We are observant of jobs to be done and we have only a single source of truth. We are ever-evolving and always tinkering.

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