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Craft your career with a global leader.

DENSO one of the leading providers of advanced automotive technology, systems and components in the world. We are committed to shaping a safer and more sustainable future mobility.

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Thrive in one of DENSO's career fields.

Countless highly talented and motivated individuals have built great careers within the DENSO organization. Potential talents can look forward to a variety of growth opportunities made possible by our global network, our education program, and R&D projects with universities.

No matter which role you take on at DENSO, you will be able to share the excitement and pride of working for a global leader known for its cutting edge innovation, environmental stewardship, growth, stability, safety, and the highest standards of quality. 

Areas of your future career as professional at DENSO include:

Corporate Functions
Research and Development

Learn with a global team of experts within a multi-cultural environment.

DENSO continues to accelerate the globalization of its management, human resources, research and development, and monozukuri (the art of making things) in order to maximize our collaborative strength and meet local needs to win the trust of our customers and partners around the world.

An environment that nurtures growth

"Monozukuri wa hitozukuri” is a belief that the art of making good things is through making good people. At DENSO, we recognize that our people are at the core of our strength. Our corporate culture promotes the professional growth of Associates, provides extensive training programs and offers a rewarding working environment with stable long-term employment.

A spirit of foresight, credibility and collaboration

The DENSO Spirit expresses values and beliefs shared by our employees around the world that have driven us to contribute to the automotive industry and society for over 70 years.

Anticipating change
In order to surprise and impress our customers, we must always consider what is necessary for society as a whole and what contribution we can make. This requires each of us to have a vision of our own future and the desire to be a pioneer.

Creating new value
When working towards goals, there is a tendency to cling to past precedents. We must encourage new ideas and exercise creativity, considering issues from a range of perspectives.

Overcoming difficulties
In order to demonstrate this spirit of advancement in our business activities, we need to have an iron will and high aspirations. We must encourage each other to take on new challenges and not be daunted by the barriers that stand in our way, but always be up to the task and persist in our work. By approaching problems with an unfaltering will and strong desire to realize our goals, we will gain the strength to break through the barriers.

Ensuring the best quality for our customers
To gain the confidence of clients and end-users, we must focus on quality first. Each individual employee must be quality-conscious and everyone must take a united approach.

Grasping the facts firmly
To solve a problem, you must first understand the situation by going to the site of the problem and determining its root cause. Then you can develop an appropriate solution.

Striving to reach higher levels
In each and every situation, aim for greater heights. Strive to do better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today, making continuous step-by-step improvements (kaizen).

Understanding each another completely
We aim to communicate so as to remove gaps between hierarchical levels. For communication to be meaningful throughout the company, we must first properly identify the other party's circumstances and standpoint, and bring about mutual understanding.

Doing our best as a team
To achieve our goals, we must cooperate with each other. For this to happen, it is essential that each of us be an enthusiastic participant, doing our best within the team in an environment of mutual understanding. Teamwork yields benefits far greater than the sum of its parts.

Developing the next generation
For each employee to achieve his or her potential, we must promote self-expression and create an environment that supports and leverages the development of each employee.


Fresh perspectives

DENSO Associates come from a variety of backgrounds and we view this diversity as one of our strengths. That's why we provide opportunities for Associates to exchange ideas, through a variety of activities such as our annual global leadership conference, expatriate experiences or our annual quality circle competitions.

Our people

It takes people to conceive innovative ideas and products. So it's people that DENSO puts first in all of its management policies.


Our network in Europe and across the globe

We have 201 DENSO company in the world and 32 DENSO companies in EUROPE.

DENSO continues to accelerate the globalization of its management, human resources, research and development, and monozukuri (the art of making things) in order to maximize our collaborative strength, meet local needs, and maintain the trust of our customers and partners around the world.


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