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Expeditors’ Opportunity Knocks Veterans Program

Careers in Global Logistics

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Thank You For Your Service!

It takes a remarkable person to volunteer to serve in our armed forces. We owe each a debt of gratitude. Opportunity Knocks for Veterans is Expeditors’ recruiting program that honors the sacrifice of uniformed service members and their spouses while hiring extremely talented and highly motivated individuals that embody Expeditors’ culture.

Expeditors is a Fortune 500 service-based logistics company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. At Expeditors, we generate highly optimized and customized supply chain solutions for our clients with unified technology systems integrated through a global network in 60+ countries on six continents. We work hard to create smart solutions for our clients’ complex needs through global logistics excellence, rich industry expertise, best-in-class customer service, and leading-edge technology. As a service-based company we don’t own the aircraft, ships, trains or trucks we use every day. This means we work closely with hundreds of service providers to be highly flexible in our approach to supply chain management.

As a leader in the international transportation industry, we are always looking for motivated people who desire a challenging and rewarding place to work. We attract great people because we believe in organic growth, a team mentality and promotion from within. To learn more about Expeditors you can visit

Opportunity Knocks for Veterans

At Expeditors we applaud your service and would like to offer you an opportunity for your future. Veterans are team players, hardworking and an outstanding fit for the logistics industry. With more than 200,000 US service members returning to civilian life each year, veterans and their spouses represent a smart choice for excellent talent.

Transitioning from any profession to another can be difficult. Expeditors is perfectly suited to help you gain industry-related skills and knowledge while working with diverse, teams located around the globe.
Our program objectives are to:

  • Hire veterans and veteran spouses
  • Support military members and their families during their transition back to civilian life
  • Recognize service to the nation


    Expeditors' Culture

    Expeditors’ culture, values and network provides a familiar and supportive environment which allows veterans to hit the ground running. The members of our Opportunity Knocks for Veterans program strive to be a support to transitioning veterans. We recognize that veterans share many of the same values as Expeditors that facilities a smooth transition and mutually beneficial alignment.

    At the heart of Expeditors, you will find professionalism, leadership and a friendly environment. We take pride in our proactive, customer service-based approach, and attention to the details and complexities that come with moving goods around the globe.

    Many of the attitudes and attributes that Expeditors looks for are found in people who have chosen to serve: 

    • Readiness to Take On A Challenge
    • Excellence in Operational Performance
    • Sense of Urgency and Sense of Humor
    • Professionalism and Integrity
    • Pride, Curiosity and Vision 


    Consider Expeditors For Your New Career!

    We encourage veterans to consider a career with Expeditors. At Expeditors, our culture is driven by our commitment to our people and devotion to exceptional customer service. Around the office, you can feel a great sense of pride in our work, energy for what we do, and focus on customer satisfaction. Leadership, teamwork and trust are prevailing winds that push rewarding careers, and our great company forward. While our offices are neat and our dress is professional, we love curiosity and are not afraid to have a little fun.

    We recruit, train, and retain the very best logistics and technical experts the world over, and we love to promote from within. More than 50 percent of our nearly 18,000 employees have been at Expeditors for 5 years or more. Our benefits are competitive, and our high employee retention rate is influenced by a unique compensation program for positions that are more than just jobs, they’re chances to grow, thrive and do what you love.

    We hope you consider a career at Expeditors and invite you to review the openings below.

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