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Careers at Firstgas and Rockgas

Safely and reliably delivering energy that is affordable and acceptable to New Zealand’s families and businesses.

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About Firstgas

Firstgas is New Zealand’s largest gas network with over 2,500km of high-pressure transmission pipeline and 4,800km of distribution pipeline in the North Island. Through our network we connect our customers with natural gas. We provide access to a safe, clean and reliable form of energy to New Zealand homes and businesses.

About Rockgas

Rockgas is New Zealand’s largest LPG retailer serving customers from nine branches and a network of 27 franchises throughout the country.

We deliver 45kg bottles to homes for gas cooking, heating and hot water needs, as well as providing LPG tanks for business gas essentials.

BBQ 9kg bottles and LPG vehicles are also covered by Rockgas, with a network of more than 180 Refill & Save locations throughout New Zealand.

If you live in certain parts of Canterbury, Queenstown or Wanaka, we can pipe LPG straight to your property through our reticulated gas network

A Firstgas Group Company

Firstgas and Rockgas are part of Firstgas Group. Our Vision is to lead the delivery of New Zealand’s energy in a changing world. Our mission is to safely and reliably deliver energy that’s affordable and accessible to Kiwi families and businesses. We’re really proud of this and of the important role we play in Kiwis’ lives.

Based in New Plymouth, Firstgas Group is an umbrella brand consisting of Rockgas, Firstgas, Flexgas and Gas Services NZ. Firstgas and Rockgas are consumer brands that supply LPG and natural gas to over 165,000 customers through their gas network of over 2,500km of high-pressure transmission pipeline and 4,800km of distribution pipeline in the North Island, 36 local LPG suppliers, and over 180 Refill & Save locations across New Zealand.

Flexgas and Gas Services NZ are energy storage, operations and maintenance brands who make sure gas can be delivered safely and continuously. Flexgas operate the Ahuroa gas storage facility in central Taranaki. Gas Services NZ provides operational and maintenance support to all gas infrastructure owners, including the Firstgas Group.


Our values are quite simply how we do everything. They give us a point of connection every day and keep us focused on what makes this place,  such a special place to work.  The other really cool thing about the TIGER values, is that they have a long history in Health and Safety – which of course is super important to us as we operate a vital piece of national infrastructure. 

Sometimes process safety is stylised as a tiger while personal safety is depicted as a Lion. Lions hunt in the open and can be seen, tigers sneak around in depths of the jungle and are very difficult to see. Both need to be respected but you will not see the Tiger coming. Process safety needs constant focus and we are really proud of how we hold this as a core part of how we operate.

Our people have a fundamental deep seated Pride in looking after assets of national importance. Our people take ownership in keeping the gas flowing, as the most important thing we do is to look after the people of Aotearoa by providing them with energy that is safe and reliable.

We've 'Got Your Back' When You Work for Firstgas Group

At Firstgas Group we know that our people perform at their best when they can bring their whole self to work.  We recognise this with our fabulous Got Your Back programme,

Our Got Your Back Wellbeing Toolbox, which is fill with resources, seminars and information on everything from mental and emotional wellbeing, to physical and spiritual wellbeing, represents the commitment that Firstgas Group makes to our employees, their whānau and their communities.   As our priorities change and evolve for our people, so does our Wellbeing Toolbox – from planning for retirement, dealing with a sports injury, providing tips for parenting to facing addiction issues. 

To sum it all up, our Got Your Back programme is just one of many great reasons to come and work for Firstgas Group .

Hear what working for Firstgas Group is like from our Amazing Employees

Hear our people talking about their jobs and why they love working at Firstgas Group.

You Belong at Firstgas Group

At Firstgas Group we have a team of awesome individuals with a huge variety of strengths, skills and amazing attitudes. Our people make Firstgas Group the powerhouse it is.  

Our TIGER values are at the centre of what we do and how we work, and we recognise that fostering a strong sense of belonging is great for both our organisation and our people.

Our "Building Belonging" programme sits apart but is very much aligned to our other fabulous programmes including "Got Your Back" and Korero Mai" , which are all unpinned by our values.


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Jobs at Firstgas

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