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Jobs at Freshworks

We are literally in the business of making employees happy - and we want you to be next. Let’s work together.

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For us, delight isn’t a perk. It’s a promise.

We believe that when employees are fulfilled and enjoy what they do, success takes care of itself. That’s why we hire for passion, curiosity, and drive — the same values that enabled Freshworks to grow from operating out of a garage in 2010 to a global market leader with over 4,000 employees in countries around the world. Welcoming the spirit of individuality within a community of togetherness, we don’t hire employees that fit our culture — we hire people that can add to our culture in new and exciting ways.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are intricately woven into our culture

At Freshworks, diversity and inclusion have always been part of our DNA — right from the start.

It began with the belief that educational pedigree, prior experiences, or proficiency in language aren’t the only predictors for success. We believe that good ideas can come from everywhere and everyone. What one needs is the right attitude and work ethic, combined with a passion for one’s craft. As a fast-growing company, we have always been willing to push the envelope and make a difference. We encourage people from all backgrounds—but especially historically underrepresented and marginalized—to make an impact at Freshworks. It’s part of our ethos to support diverse thoughts and viewpoints, celebrate our hits and count our misses as learning experiences, and grow—as one big team.

We have always prided ourselves in being a company that is loved by all its employees, customers, and stakeholders—in that order. To be loved by employees means bringing to life truly inclusive experiences that can unite us as a community. It’s our shared vision across the organization that we do everything we can to not only remove barriers to success, but also foster a spirit of continuous growth and development. Beyond everything, we believe in creating a workplace where everyone can bring their best selves to work, where everyone can belong—be part of the Freshworks Kudumba.

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