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We're empowering leaders to design and build the best places to work

Functionly is the org chart creator for modern leaders. But that’s just the beginning, we’re on a mission to make org design easier and more intelligent.

At scale, organizations break, resulting in misalignment, stress, chaos and wastage. Today, companies are more fluid, collaborative and focused on function over hierarchy.

Functionly is built so leaders can align their organizations with speed and stability. We give them a modern way to create the best jobs, teams, and organizations for their industry and unique business model.


Making magic and getting good times going

We’re a hard-working remote team that likes to have fun. When pandemics don't interrupt us we travel somewhere cool for our yearly on-site where we plan strategy together, play games and enjoy what the local area has to offer.

On the job, you'll find us experimenting with new tech, engineering everything and tinkering with product to nail product-market fit.

Most of us have founder aspirations and side gigs on the go, if you do too, our founders will take you under their wing so you can learn how to be boss before you take your next big leap.

If you love to work on meaningful projects in a collaborative team environment, there's a good chance you'll be a fit and we'd love to meet you!

--> That's Frank Llama, our travelling mascot. One thing's for sure, Frank has good times wherever he goes.

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