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Opportunities at Hexagon Lavish®

World Premier Antiartificial Influence.

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Mission: Antiartificial

Hexagon Lavish® is an antiartificial scientific R&D startup based in Atlanta, Georgia that heralds itself as the "world premier antiartificial influence". "antiartificial" is not a field of study, rather it is a term used by Hexagon Lavish® to differentiate itself from AI-oriented startups.

Our technology, informational interpretation, rests at the sub-root of information retrieval and is designed to perform an IMMEDIATE detection functionality utilizing a combination of image processing and computer vision. Our product-in-development, PIR: Premier Information Retrieval, exemplifies the aforementioned performance.

Team: HL® Family

The HL® Family is a menagerie of computational physicists, computational biophysicists, analytical chemists, materials scientists, scientific programmers and mathematicians. A haven for scientific endeavor.

Culture: "B.E.H."

Balance is a characteristic of Hexagon Lavish® exemplified by the "organically diverse" makeup of the startup. We are not a "diversity and inclusion" effort; nothing about our culture is coerced or forced.


Equilibrium is another characteristic of Hexagon Lavish® because it encompasses the omnidimensional presence of absolute peace but it also solidifies stability in our approach to talent acquisition and a healthy promotion of "cultural comprehensibility".


Harmony illustrates Hexagon Lavish® in a light that bears congruency in seeing fit that the vision is met in completion.

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