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Be a part of something remarkable. At Hitachi Solutions, our success depends on our employees.

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Core Values

Throughout our history, we have inherited and embraced with care the spirit of Hitachi’s founders, based on the concepts of Wa (Harmony), Makoto (Sincerity) and Kaitakusha-Seishin (Pioneering Spirit). This spirit resonates through the way we think and operate, as we collectively strive to deliver solutions that create new value globally. 

At Hitachi Solutions, our success depends on our employees. We hire the best people, treat them with respect, offer a fun and creative work environment, and the rest takes care of itself. Hitachi Solutions places a high priority on making sure that each and every member of our team has the tools necessary to succeed. We employ entrepreneurial people with the vision, drive, and focus to get the job done—whether it’s delivering solutions,managing projects, crunching numbers, hiring employees, or promoting our brand.

Company Culture

Be a part of something remarkable. 

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders and providing an enjoyable work environment where our people can grow personally and professionally. The following are our commitments to employees: 

  • We recognize our profitability and project success comes from our team—great people doing great things. As such, we pursue profitable growth and expanded opportunities for our team. 
  • We offer challenging and diverse work across multiple industries and reward creativity and entrepreneurial innovation. 
  • We respect, encourage, and support each individuals needs to continually learn and grow personally and professionally. We are committed to fostering our people. 
  • We believe that investing in our community is just as important as investing in our organization. To that extent, we fundraise, volunteer, and allocate funds to support local charities. 
  • We listen. Every employee has something important to say that can contribute to enriching our environment. 
  • We compensate fairly. And while employees might come for the paycheck, they stay for the people. 

Our people are the reason we are exceptional. This is something we never forget.

Career Development

We are passionate about developing and promoting talent from within. Whether you choose to develop your career within one geography, or experience new countries and cultures in one of our international offices, we offer a world of opportunity for career growth. Hitachi Solutions’ internal job posting program encourages employees to seek exceptional career and transfer opportunities within our company globally. There's no telling how far your career with Hitachi Solutions may take you. Whether it’s education, technical training, management training or something else that is relevant to you, we want you to reach your greatest potential!

Total Rewards

We provide a wide range of benefits.

  • Comprehensive Insurances and Medical/Dental Coverage – we have excellent benefit coverage for you and your family so you can feel secure in knowing that we’ve got you covered and protected; whether that is standard day-to-day expenses or for unforeseen circumstances that may arise.
  • Retirement Savings with Matching – We provide retirement savings plans using pre-tax dollars and Hitachi Solutions will match a certain percentage to help you invest in your future so you can retire with financial comfort.
  • Paid Time Off – All work and no play is not healthy. We believe everyone requires time to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. Find the balance you need with our time off program.
  • Remuneration – Participation in leading market surveys help us stay on top of what is happening in the industry. We offer competitive base salaries in addition to a bonus model that is based on your role within the organization.
  • Microsoft Training and Certifications – To have the best talent in the industry means our employees must stay current on the technology and the industries in which we serve. Access to the training is critical and we ensure our employees are participating in the recent deployments.
  • Work Flexibility – Lives are busy and not everything can be dealt with after 5 pm or on the weekends. Whether you work out of an office or remote in your home, we understand and accommodate personal commitments when the need arises.

Beware of Scams

Our recruiting team may communicate with candidates via our domain email address and/or via our SmartRecruiters (Applicant Tracking System) [email protected] domain email address regarding your application and interview requests.  

All offers will originate from our domain email address. If you receive an offer or information from someone purporting to be an employee of Hitachi Solutions from any other domain, it may not be legitimate.

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