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An exciting career is waiting for you at Hitachi Solutions

Our employees are the reason we are exceptional. This is something we do not forget.

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Core Values

Throughout our history, we have inherited and embraced with care the spirit of Hitachi’s founders, based on the concepts of Wa (Harmony), Makoto (Sincerity) and Kaitakusha-Seishin (Pioneering Spirit). This spirit resonates through the way we think and operate, as we collectively strive to deliver solutions that create new value globally. 

At Hitachi Solutions, our success depends on our employees. We hire the best people, treat them with respect, offer a fun and creative work environment, and the rest takes care of itself. Hitachi Solutions places a high priority on making sure that each and every member of our team has the tools necessary to succeed. We employ entrepreneurial people with the vision, drive, and focus to get the job done—whether it’s delivering solutions,managing projects, crunching numbers, hiring employees, or promoting our brand.

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