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Founded in 2006, we bring together a diverse blend of people, technology and ideas to advance capabilities that improve our world.

Our Corporate Values:

We are HUNGRY, striving to grow our company and deliver the best to our customers.

We are HUMBLE, encouraging information sharing and embracing different perspectives to make the best decisions. We continually seek to improve and grow ourselves, our teams, and our company.

We are SMART.  We encourage exploration and innovation of new ideas and challenge prevailing assumptions to suggest better approaches.  


We are a team

Our team is our best asset. We work across multiple disciplines, locations, and challenges; giving us the opportunity to construct new capabilities to improve our world.

  • Cyber

  • Digital

  • Intelligence

  • Security, Law Enforcement

  • Test & Evaluation

We are problem solvers

At IOMAXIS, we love solving problems. We apply creative ideas and concepts to provide unique solutions and optimize engineering and technical performance.

We take what's complex and break it down to create the most efficient, effective, and secure systems and solutions. 

We give back

We encourage our employees to give back - not just on your time or dime, but ours.

We provide multiple opportunities to help with company sponsored volunteer events. We help keep music in schools and support families affected by Alzheimer's disease. We don't just provide funding for our charities - we participate. We build homes, honor the fallen, rebuild communities, serve meals, plant trees, and run and walk for miles.

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