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Feed Your Wild Side with us, the #1 meat snack manufacturer worldwide.

Proud owner of the BIFI, Peperami and Jack Link's Brand

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Head Office EMEA (Amsterdam)


Working at Jack Links means working for a company whose purpose is to Feed Your Wild Side.

We are brand believers and brand builders with strong core values. We are category creators, innovators and leaders. We are customer centric and consumer insight driven. While having a global perspective and ambition, we manage and execute locally. As calculated risk takers being structurally profitable we are investment oriented with long term horizons. We are hard workers with time for fun, we are team players and take care of our teams and our self. 


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Jack Link's EMEA



Jack Link's corporate website


Werk Ansbach (DE)


Der EMEA-Geschäftsbereich von Jack Link’s hat 2014 die Marken BiFi und Peperami von Unilever gekauft. Die EMEA-Staaten repräsentieren ca. 10% des globalen Umsatzvolumens, und ihr Anteil wächst zweistellig.

Wir haben eine starke Präsenz in Deutschland, Großbritannien, Belgien und den Niederlanden, wo wir hochwertige Salami-Snacks und Beef Jerky vertreiben. Diese Produkte werden von unseren erstklassigen Produktionsstandorten in Ansbach hergestellt.



Jack Link's EMEA

Jack Link's corporate website

Family-Owned and Operated for Generations, Jack Link's is a True Success Story

Jack Link’s is a family-owned company. In the "Link to Link" video, founder Jack Link and his son, President and CEO, Troy Link discuss the past, present and future of Jack Link’s Protein Snacks - from their old family recipes that started it all, to how they became the largest meat snack business in the world.

While hunting with his family, Jack Link had the idea to make jerky with his great-grandfather's Old World recipes. Working with his sons they created a jerky that was so good friends and neighbors were always asking for more. At this point they created their first product, Jack Link's Beef Steaks, and began selling it throughout the region.

Today, we operate a total of 11 manufacturing and distribution facilities in four countries. Jack Link’s produces high-quality, great-tasting protein snacks that feed the wild sides of consumers around the world. Jack Link's Protein Snacks family of brands includes Jack Link's, Lorissa's Kitchen, World Kitchens Jerky, Bifi and Peperami.

Jack Link's corporate website


How we do what we do is important! The principles and traditions of Jack Link’s have been the same since its humble beginnings: hard work, integrity and nothing artificial! Every day, we are one step closer to our vision to be the dominate global leader of branded protein snacks because we live our values which are: 

Be Real: We are humble and authentic, and everyone is expected to contribute to a fun work environment

Stewardship: We act like an owner to build, improve and protect the quality of the brand and its people 

Self-Discipline: We are accountable for our responsibilities and driven to exceed short & long-term expectations

Speed Matters: We drive results with innovation, creativity, and a clear sense of urgency

Show Awesome Character: We are optimistic and enthusiastic while acting with honesty and integrity

Relationship Driven: We foster collaboration with internal & external partners & respect diversity, because people matter


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