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Let’s work together!

We are a group of volunteer Talent Acquisition & Human Resources specialists who have been affected by COVID19 using our skillsets and experience to assist job seekers with job search training and coaching.

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About our NFP -

Jobs for Australia is a NFP movement of volunteer Talent Acquisition & Human Resources specialists throughout Australia work closely to match jobseekers with companies that are hiring while working collaboratively with businesses in their redeployment or hiring phases.

JobsForAustralia is not a job-board, RPO or recruitment agency. It is a community project to keep those with skills and experience in TA, HR, and Recruitment who have been affected by COVID19. Our Volunteers will be assisting job seekers by preparing them and help connecting them to the job market via job boards, employers that are hiring or other services that are in the marketplace such as Hatch and TechLife (check out the resources page for all the job-boards and initiatives in Australia that are live).

There is a global movement happening around the world of similar initiatives such as Reverse Recruiting, Recruiters for Good, Jobs for Lebanon and many more. This is an opportunity for the TA & HR community to stay positive, motivated and provide help to the wider Australian community.

If you have found yourself out of work and have experience in HR, talent acquisition or the recruitment/RPO space and would like to join our team, keep up your skill set and give back to the community by lending  jobseekers, employers and the job-boards a helping hand then we would love to hear from you. 

Join our volunteer community.

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