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Who We Are Looking For

At KIPP Indy, we believe all students can and will learn. We need highly dedicated educators with a proven track record of success to make this happen. We intentionally foster a culture where excellence is deeply valued and we invest a tremendous amount of time and resources to cultivate continuous instructional improvement. The KIPP Indy team and family hold one another to high standards, cognizant that success and happiness can be achieved by all through teamwork, grit, and dedication. 

We are looking for teachers who have demonstrated educational excellence and who are willing to continuously go above and beyond for our students. KIPP Indy teachers are responsible for delivering effective, rigorous instruction in their content areas that produces unmatched results and student understanding. 

Why you NEED to join the KIPP Indy Team & Family

In Indianapolis there is unparalleled momentum around improving public education, and KIPP Indy is at the forefront of this progress. We are a school where every single individual is committed to the growth and happiness not only of students, but also of teachers. As a teacher at KIPP Indy, you will undergo extensive professional development and receive the resources necessary to succeed. KIPP Indy is unique in that it provides teachers with strong curriculum support and training, while also allowing them the autonomy in their own classrooms to meet students’ needs as they see fit. KIPP Indy’s staff will work to ensure that school operations and community relations run smoothly, allowing you to focus on strong instruction. Additionally, KIPP Indy offers the competitive compensation, excellent benefits, and performance-based bonuses necessary to keep strong teachers in the classroom.

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