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About Us

LGC Assure brings four brands together to deliver Science for a Safer World. Our mission is to provide intelligent assurance for our customers and their supply network, primarily in the global food and beverage sector. ​

We offer a connected suite of solutions that intelligently analyse the safety, quality and authenticity of goods and services, alongside evolving value drivers such as health, environmental, human welfare and ethical impact.​

Our Brand

LGC Assure brings four brands together to offer three primary product and service offerings: certification and standards, digital and data, and testing and science-based services. ​

BRCGS: Protecting brands with globally recognised supply chain assurance solutions. ​

INFORMED: Delivering quality assurance through testing and certification programs for banned substances.​

Safefood360: A leading software provider covering all aspects of compliance, delivered by a team of experienced food industry experts.  ​

SSAS: Delivering quality assurance through testing programmes for human drugs and animal sports screening.​

Our Coverage

LGC Assure holds over 180 years of scientific heritage, with a track record​ of testing innovation and assurance expertise. Serving over 34,000 customers across 130 countries, LGC Assure’s services provide complete confidence at every step of the supply chain. ​

​Our certification programmes identify and correct 191,000 non-conformities every year, ensuring that over $800bn of food is safe to eat. Over 66,000 samples are tested every year including 60,000 animal sports tests, and 6000 human drugs screens to protecting employers and consumers. 22,000 tests on sports supplements protect athletes from inadvertent doping, and sports enthusiasts from harmful substances. While 20,000 users across 5 continents use Safefood 360 software to help assure the safety of the food they produce and manage supplier quality.

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