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About Us

At LGC Clinical Diagnostics, we are dedicated to developing and manufacturing a comprehensive portfolio of custom-developed diagnostic quality solutions, and biological and reagent component materials for the extended life sciences industry. We bring innovation to our products by collaborating across our world-class sites and working closely with market leaders to deliver accurate outcomes. We are committed to achieving our purpose of Science for a Safer World, by making a meaningful difference in the lives of patients around the world with our trusted and reliable diagnostic solutions.


Our brands include three IVD manufacturers of Quality Measurement Tools and one manufacturer of viral and bacterial antigens and antibodies:

Our People

LGC Clinical Diagnostics understands that the driving force behind our success is the people who choose to work here. At LGC Clinical Diagnostics we value those who embody passion, curiosity, integrity, brilliance, and respect and we make these values an integral part of our culture. With a team of professionals from many disciplines around the world, we have a diverse and talented work force that creates an atmosphere where employees can progress their scientific knowledge and pursue their professional interests, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to further develop their skills and maintain a passion for what they do.

Our Impact

At LGC Clinical Diagnostics we understand that staying at the forefront of the diagnostic industry and developing cutting-edge therapies will lead to new advancements that improve patient outcomes. We recognize the significant influence we have on the global healthcare industry, and we make our commitment to reliable testing our main goal, knowing that this can lead to better clinical results and more effective treatment for patients. LGC Clinical Diagnostics is always discovering new ways to improve accuracy and efficiency in our products. We are deeply passionate about advancing Science for a Safer World and take pride in the positive impact our colleagues make every day. 

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