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Careers at MADANA

We aim to create a self-governing and community-driven Market for Data Analysis.

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Data is everywhere and so are the business possibilities around it. Unfortunately there are not many businesses models that keep the data producer in mind. We are building a privacy-enhancing technology for secure data analytics, so you – as the data producer, can have full authority over your private data. 

We make use of privacy-enhancing technology not only for secure data analytics reasons, we also aim to transform data markets of today, in order to empower the digital economic world of tomorrow. Our products and services enable a better use of data and pave the way for more exclusive insights. We call it #PrivTech.

There are a lot challenges and opportunities ahead of us in this fast paced data driven world. Come and Join us!


We at MADANA believe that our employees are the foundation of our success and we are doing our best to make sure we improve on a daily basis, professionally and personally. 

Based in Berlin, the most cosmopolitan and multicultural city in Europe, our culture reflects just that. We don’t strive for conformity, we are a young, passionate driven and bold group of people who are confident enough to believe that we can build trustworthy technology and help shape the world of tomorrow!

Honesty and being supportive to each other are two of our most prevalent core values. Being mindful and self-reflective is in turn what makes our culture stand out.


Next to our outstanding company culture we also offer a great place to work at. The Space Shack ( Coworking space based in Berlin-Schöneberg offers not only great service for us, which amongst others include free, fresh fruits and drinks, they also have some great chill out areas and regular events for all of the members. In addition, we even have our own office space with a rooftop terrace which we often use to work as well as grill.

Our working hours are flexible between 9 am - 8 pm, whilst the core working hours are between 10 am - 7 pm. For some positions which don’t require a lot of team engagement we do make it possible for our team members to work remotely. We believe performance is not bound to a desk, hence you are free to use the Space Shack for concentrated and creative work if you so desire.

We are working in an amazing time period where information is abundantly available and believe that supporting each other makes us in turn strive for better outcomes. Therefore, we have a strong supportive network of companies and advisors from all fields of professions so that our team can make full use of their expertise.

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