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If the sky is the limit, join us and find your own horizon

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Minor International Pcl ('MINT') is today one of the largest hospitality and leisure companies in the Asia Pacific Region. 

With over 150 hotels & resorts, over 2,000 restaurants and over 300 retail trading outlets. MINT meets the growing needs of consumers in 32 markets from Africa to Australia, including South America and Europe. 


As part of Minor International, Minor - Shared Service Organization provides back office accounting services, corporate finance support, IT, tax, insurance and other central support including internal audit, risk management, corporate affair and corporate secretary to Minor Group Companies. Minor Global Solutions is currently comprised of approximately 250 staff which are focused on being the 1st choice solutions provider to Minor Group of Companies and Partners.


Minor continues on its sustainability journey, and remains committed to the pursuit of excellence of being a well-governed and responsible corporate citizen that creates positive economic, environmental and social impacts-with and for - all stakeholders throughout its value chain.

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