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Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli and Al Najada Doha Hotel Apartments by Oaks

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Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli and Al Najada Doha Hotel Apartments by Oaks

The Al Najada complex hotels are  new and exciting architectural feat, boasting one-of-a-kind surroundings and a sumptuous modern design. Located in the heart of central Souq Al Najada, next to the historic marketplace Souq Waqif, the property is a tranquil oasis in energetic Doha, overlooking the exotic surrounds of a large elegant piazza and the glistening Arabian Gulf.

The hotel complex features 151 rooms and suites  and 100 apartments, each designed as a thoughtful Arabian sanctuary with the utmost satisfaction and indulgence in mind.This 5-star hotel and apartments  in Doha combines  true comforts, innovative amenities and enhanced privacy, meeting the desires of business guests, families and leisure travelers. Enjoy privileged views from the piazza terrace or gazing down from your own private balcony. Relax with adventure, exploration and relaxation at your fingertips in one of the most opulent 5 star hotels in Qatar.

Why work with us in Doha?

Qatar is the richest and safest country on the planet. It is a bounty of destinations, all contained within a scant 4,500 square miles. It’s easy to get to, heavily urbanized, and Qatar is home some of the world’s most unique icons of capitalism. Visit for some of the most wonderful cuisines and culture that will grant you a lifetime of memories. Even though Qatar is tiny, there’s still plenty to see and do, which is why it’s important to plan ahead before you head to this fantastic little country in the Middle East. It will be a great exposure to hoteliers in Qatar as the country is getting ahead for the 2022 world cup!


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