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"Impact Makers" Trainee Program – 1 year Internships; starting October



Our trainee program gives you a chance to take your first career move and spend time learning from teams that are global players. This will give you valuable technical skills and will help you to improve the ones you already have. If you like to solve problems and are looking for an exciting place to work in the center of Porto, Natixis is the place to apply for!


In a general sense you will be a great fit if you:

·         Feel at home in an international environment; 

·         Are able to interact in English, including during a job interview (B1 level, minimum); 

·         Naturally both help and rely on your team; 

·         Like to see great things happening;

·         Are able to independently pace yourself in a trusting and informal environment.


To ensure a fun and comfortable recruitment process and candidate experience, we have developed a specific campaign for our "Impact Makers" Trainee Program: "We Want Your Brain"!


Be sure to check #wewantyourbrain at Linkedin and Instagram :)

And check below to get a general sense of the profiles that we are looking for at the moment.


If you have studied a Computer Science or an IT related degree, there are 3 main positions you can apply for:


Trainee IT Developer | Most of the teams use Java or C#, but our tech stack is huge;

IT Developer Trainee  


Trainee IT Support Engineer | If you are into DevOps and would like to have a start in a team that deals with lots of technologies at once, these projects are great to kickstart your career;

IT Support Engineer Trainee 


More specific entry level positions ranging from Cybersecurity, Networking, Messaging, Packaging to Quality Assurance.

IT CiberSecurity Engineer Trainee 

IT Quality Assurance Engineer Trainee   

IT Other Trainee  


If you have studied a Law, Finance, Banking, Economics or Accounting degree, these areas might be worth your time to take a look:


Compliance and Anti Money Laundering | Make sure that no potential client would join Natixis unless they are completely legal and transparent;

Law and International Trade Trainee  


Risk | Put your math skills to use to project probable scenarios in Financial Markets;

Trainee Economist   


Reporting and Administration | Create visually clear reports from raw data and make sure that the invoices of huge international deals are all in top shape.

Accounting and Management Trainee  


If you have a more diverse background, there are positions that have such a broad scope, that multiple backgrounds apply. Additionally, if you are curious and eager to learn, check our conversion opportunities:


Business Analytics and Business Intelligence  |  Become the vital bridge between the IT and the Business teams. If your background is on one of the sides, we will teach you all about the other;

Business Analyst Trainee   







If none of the above seemed like the perfect fit for you, but you know that you want to explore an opportunity at Natixis, you can mark your interest below:


Support Functions  |   If you would like to explore a role in Marketing, HR or Facilities and become a hero in what keeps a company alive, from the backstage;

HR Trainee  

Marketing and Communication Trainee    

Facilities Trainee  




Summer Internships - ~2 month long; between June and September

Would you like to use your time off from School to get a glimpse of what Going Pro means? If you would like to spend a couple of months learning about a given topic while in full immersion among a team, signal your interest below:


Summer Internship General Application


Curricular and Extra-Curricular Internships – 3 to 6 month long; more common during the Second Semester of the academic year



If you are looking for a place to do your dissertation on a corporate topic; or you have a class project that would benefit from you spending time with a team, we will be happy to host you as an Intern.

Our teams are used to welcome new joiners as student interns at first, so you will receive a warm welcome and you won’t be thrown into the jungle. Setting up a project as a curricular internship is a great way to have a really smooth transition into your professional life and priority is given to those open to the possibility of moving on towards further opportunities within Natixis.


Here you can check an Instagram Live where we explain the process and you can hear the testimony of both a recent Intern and a recent Supervisor:



Please make sure your University has a process / structure for internships. And don’t worry, we are here to help you on the documentation side :)

If you are curious, please send your CV in english to [email protected]
(if you "click" the email your default email program will begin with the template below)


Subject:  Curricular Internship - [My Name] - [My Course] [My University]






My name is _________ and I'm studying ________ at _________ .

My favorite topics are ______ and I'm less curious about _________ .

I would be interested to be part of a team from __ / __ / 2022 to __ / __ / 2022 as an Intern.
(if you don't know the exact dates just say "second semester 2022", thank you)

Attached is my CV in English and I understand and agree that it will be shared with the teams that are open to host internship projects during 2022.

Thank you very much,
Best regards,











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