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Career at Nazarbayev University

To give Kazakhstan and the world the scientists, academics, managers and entrepreneurs they need to prosper and develop

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Welcome to the Nazarbayev University career page!

Being established to pioneer Kazakhstani education, science, and innovation sectors, the Nazarbayev University today is actively changing the sector of the scientific and educational services in future. In doing so, we strive for leadership on the global scientific and educational markets; therefore having a highly qualified staff is one of the main priorities for NU.

We are seeking for talented individuals willing to contribute to the achievement of the University mission and goals. We encourage all candidates who are committed to our values to be a part of our Community.

Our core values are:

Embracing diversity - integrated into every aspect of education, research and community;

Equal access to education - regardless of race, religion, gender, physical capacity or socioeconomic status;

Merit based institution - open to all talented and bright students, faculty and researchers;

Integrity of teaching, research, administration and student life;

Professionalism and high ethical principles for students, teachers and researchers;

Transparency and openness - public accessibility to all aspects of university operations.

The process of selection and hiring of employees of Nazarbayev University is based on the principles of transparency, objectivity and independence. One of the key principles is the principle of equal opportunities - non-admission of any discrimination depending on gender, age, physical abilities, race, nationality, property, social and official position, and place of residence, religion, political beliefs, belonging to the genus or class and public associations.


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Jobs at Nazarbayev University

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