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Administrative Academic Jobs

To give Kazakhstan and the world the scientists, academics, managers and entrepreneurs they need to prosper and develop

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About Administrative Academic Jobs at Nazarbayev University

This job category includes managerial academic positions and positions supporting academic and research activities of the University.

To achieve the strategic goals of the University, we need academic leaders who share our values ​​and vision, are able to motivate and lead the academic and research community of NU, and also to make personal contribution to the development of the University. Managerial academic positions include positions in the Office of the Provost and Schools.

In addition, the University needs talented and energetic specialists who want to build their careers in the scientific and academic fields, and seek to contribute to the development of education and science. For these specialists, the University is ready to offer the position of Teaching and Research Assistants, and Laboratory Staff.

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Openings at Nazarbayev University

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