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ITW of our CEO Marc Hamel - 2024

2023 was a fantastic year for Nemera. 2024 is going to be nothing less! Watch our CEO, Marc Hämel share his thoughts around our purpose of putting patients first, how we stay a step ahead of the advances in the healthcare space and our continued commitment to sustainability.

"Our design decisions are always inspired and supported by user/patient feedback"

How did you become a designer?

I earned a bachelor's degree in Illustration and Graphic Design. Further on in my career, I specialized in UX/UI through a professional certification program.

What is your design philosophy/ how would you describe your approach to design?

I like the term “smart design”, which involves ensuring decisions are grounded in known concepts, behaviors, observations, or user feedback. Similarly, adaptability is a key fundamental aspect of my design philosophy, requiring close listening to stakeholders to understand the true needs and values of each workflow and component. I view design as an open-ended process and mindset.

What inspires you/ where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. I enjoy taking unresolved challenges offline after ideation sessions, letting them linger in the back of my mind. Disconnecting often leads to unexpected inspiration within a day or two.

Why did you choose to work in the medical device and drug delivery industry?

The truth is that, without planning it, I found myself in a field that aligned with a lifelong dream. Hesitant about pursuing a medical career, I gravitated toward my strengths in art and design. Little did I know that life would unexpectedly bring me as close to medicine as one can get as a designer, and I love it!

Which project are you most proud of, that you’ve worked on at Insight?

It is always the most recent one that I am the most excited and proud of. At the moment I am especially proud of our achievements on a piece of software used for transplant medicine —a complex and challenging project that has propelled our team to the next level.

What are you passionate about besides design/ what do you like to do outside of work?

I indulge in DIY home projects, which I suppose is technically still design. Aside from that, about 3 years ago I started practicing kickboxing regularly. There’s nothing like taking your frustrations to the mat to kick away your troubles.

What is your personal motto/ what is the best piece of advice you have heard and repeat to others?

My mantra is: listen, adapt, and know your biases!

Finally, how do you take your coffee?

Oh! Coffee... my most loyal friend. I like about 4 shots of espresso and a dash of milk and foam—a very large macchiato. I also savor a straight up black shot of espresso post-lunch or sometimes even post-dinner.


“The opportunity to take on new roles satisfies my desire to learn.”

What does that mean to you? Does this motivate you in your everyday work life (and how)?

Going to work every day to improve the lives of patients gives clear meaning to our mission. This motivates us to provide our best, by imagining that each Nemera devices might be used by loved ones

Do you have an experience at work that reflects one or all of those pieces? Meaning flexibility, health and overall wellness (employee wellbeing as a whole).

 Nemera has significantly contributed to my wellness at work by giving me the opportunity to take a new role within Nemera by satisfying my curiosity and my desire to learn. I felt listened to and really confident in a caring environment! This is my experience of wellbeing at work!

What does it feel like to work at a company that’s growing? How does the growth orientation of the company impact your experience as an employee?

Tackling growth at Nemera happens every day! The mindset is to never settle for who you are and always try to learn more to serve your patients. We embrace growth as an opportunity!

Do you feel a sense of connection and community here? What does the collaboration between teams look like?

The collaboration in Nemera means avoid working in silos, by updating our teams organization when appropriate and foster communication among community group in a simple manner.

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