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Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery

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Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery

Oliver & Bonacini and Big Rock Brewery have teamed up to create a modern-day brewpub in the heart of Liberty Village (60 Atlantic Ave.), together this fall/winter. The culinary direction, inspired by traditional European beer halls with
contemporary British pub influences, is led by Chefs Anthony Walsh
John Horne and Ryan Lister, and the brewing team is overseen by Brewmaster Connor K. Patrick.

Set in a unique two-level heritage space, Liberty Commons occupies
the entire lower floor, featuring a contemporary bar and dining space, a
customizable private dining area for events and a patio oasis, complete
with comfortable lounge seating and outdoor fireplaces. The Big Rock
storefront at the main level features a tasting room, with Big Rock
products available for purchase

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Openings at Oliver & Bonacini