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Prime Robotics is currently growing rapidly and has multiple job openings at both our US and China offices. We are seeking high energy, smart and fun-loving people to work together in revolutionizing industry. We are passionate about technology and how it can make people’s lives better. Our robots solve real world business problems and provide a remarkable return on investment to our customers. We have chosen to first concentrate on the Supply Chain industry because customers there have real needs we can address now, profitably. Customers in our chosen industries don’t just buy one robot, they will buy many. As a consequence, our business model is not only sustainable, but it will quickly achieve economies of scale that will amplify our ability to drive disruptive technological advances to this and other industries. In the future Prime Robotics will be a household name. People who join now will have huge achievements to feel proud for the rest of their lives. Join us today and take an active role in building the future.

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