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About Us

FKA applies the ‘formerly known’ to an industry and way of working that needs to be reinvented. Working at the pace of culture, we create modern brand experiences for those that are poised to make their boldest moves yet. Our integrated Social + Commerce + CRM approach is the accelerant that blends culture with consumer connectivity, closing the gap to build loyal followings. FKA’s proprietary loyalty/relationship index fuels clients with insights about their consumers, sharing the “why,” and not only the "what.”
With more than half of the FKA leadership consisting of people of color—and founded and led by women—we represent today’s customer, not just from a plethora of research and data but by personal experiences. FKA partners with brands like Verizon, Pop-Tarts, MAC, Audi, Taco Bell, JIF, MeowMix, and others who are ready to simplify the chaos and imagine what’s next.

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