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Welcome to Langland. A health communications agency that helps people, brands and businesses think further. 


Four disciplines in one 

We believe in the power of different perspectives. It’s why we have brought together four key health disciplines – Clinical Trial Experience, Medical Strategy & Education, PR & Policy and Advertising. This close collaboration allows our clients have the very best minds in health caring for the most important parts of their business.  

Why think further? 

When you’re open to working with others, you find answers you wouldn’t expect. Our vast experience allows us to pull-in the right people at the right moment. It’s why at times we may partner with medics, artists, marketers or policymakers to help you get the best results.  

A passion for craft 

Having expert thinking is only part of our story. Our disciplines are centred around the three essential crafts of science, strategy and creativity to ensure excellence in everything we make.   


An inclusive workplace

The more diverse our team, the more imaginative, intelligent and inspirational our culture and our work will become. Here are some of the ways we help promote diversity at Langland.  



  • Diversity & Inclusion management  
  • Anonymised CV submissions 
  • Mandatory unconscious bias training  
  • Career and school programmes to build access to industry for people from mixed socio-economic backgrounds 


  • Support communities for women, LGBTQ+, BAME employees and their allies.    
  • A mental health programme which includes free HeadSpace membership. 


Publicis Groupe has committed €45 million to diversity, inclusion and social injustice within the network.  

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