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Driven by Data

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What's It Like to Work At Starschema?

At Starschema we believe that data has the power to change the world and data-driven organizations are leading the way. We help organizations use data to make better business decisions, build smarter products, and deliver more value for their customers, employees and investors.

As a member of the Starschema team, you will be on the front lines of digital transformation, working with some of the most innovative Fortune 500 companies to drive innovation and realize the promise of data-driven cultures.

You will learn—via both in-house trainings and a supportive atmosphere—and use the latest data-centric technologies along with the core industry tools.

Our team is inclusive and fun. While we take our work seriously, we know how to have a good time while doing so.


General Benefits

  • Flexible Home Office
  • Top Technical Training and Career Advancement Opportunities
  • English Classes
  • Medicover Health Insurance
  • Unlimited Gym Pass
  • Personal, Legal, Financial and Professional Counseling Services
  • Child Bonus and Extra Vacation Days
  • Generous Phone Plan and Device Purchase Support
  • Birthday Vacation Day
  • Transit Pass

In-office Benefits

  • Office massage
  • Office Parking Space
  • Abundant Snacks and Drinks


Our Approach to Home Office

Our guideline is for everyone to be in-office for two days a week. But we don't track it, we don't check it and we keep an open mind. Anyone can talk to their team leader to change their home office policy to fit their own situation. We want everyone to come in for the right reasons: to meet colleagues in person, to brainstorm together on a whiteboard and for those chance meetings in the hall or by the coffee machine.

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