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We are Starschema. We play Big Data.

Starschema sets a new pace in your career

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Our Hiring Practice

Are you a job seeker or just thinking about a change in your professional career? Considering Business Intelligence & Big Data? Have you come across one of our postings?

If you are just about to apply these will come handy.

1. We don't believe in lengthy recruitment processes hence we don't do them. Offering and accepting a position have its risks but we are OK with that, therefore we won't expose you to unnecessary and stressful steps. We believe though in the power of personal encounters so expect interviews with us.

2. More importantly, we believe in exploring your practical tech & problem-solving skills. Instead of textbook exercises, we'll challenge you with an actual (programming or other) problem that you can even take home with you and use your resources to solve it. Our everyday life is all about similar challenges, so it just occurs natural to us that you have a taste of them at the earliest.

3. We believe in the synergy of interpersonal relationships. Most of us work as team members rather than on our own, and we want to make sure you will be a great fit for your respective team. Therefore you can count on a meeting with your future team-leader where you're encouraged not only to introduce yourself, but ask anything related that is on your mind.

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