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Crop Vitality

Crop Vitality is the world’s largest and leading producer of sulphur-based liquid plant nutrition products to the agriculture industry. For 70 years we have served our customers in nurturing crops through our innovation, research and development of environmentally friendly, sustainable and nutrient-filled fertilizers. Our product line provides the nutrient elements to improve soil health, increase water percolation and maximize nutrient uptake.

Our line of Crop Vitality products are manufactured at 11 locations throughout the United States, tested by agronomists and used by farmers across the globe. The Crop Vitality group was formed in 2012 to distinguish TKI’s presence in agribusiness as we create solutions to meet the challenges of modern agriculture.

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NovaSource delivers a portfolio of proven and effective legacy crop protection products which have a track record of delivering decades of cost effective results for growers around the world. NovaSource products include protectants, herbicides, fumigants, insecticides and fungicides that are used in more than 40 countries, including many areas of the U.S., Canada, Central America, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Some products are certified for use in organic settings. And our experienced R&D team is continually developing new labels for existing products to create even greater value for the grower.

NovaSource is also at the vanguard of stewardship initiatives that affect the markets we serve. The safe and efficient use of NovaSource products is the team’s top priority.

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Mining & Industrial

TKI Mining & Industrial specializes in sulfur chemistry for both the separation and recovery of precious and base metals and numerous industrial applications such as food processing, water treatment and tanning.

Sulfur-based liquids and solutions are the key to creating many efficiencies in metals separation and higher return on investment in the mining industry. Our Mining & Industrial team manufactures and ships products our customers need to any location in the world. 

Although our customers and their challenges represent a wide array of locations around the world in a broad spectrum of industrial categories, there is one common denominator: TKI sulfur chemistry delivers measurable value, environmentally friendly products and reliable outcomes. Our products are often used in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) improvements at locations around the world.

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MPR Services

MPR Services is a premier provider of customized, proprietary contamination treatment solutions for high value liquids so you can reclaim what matters. We design and implement systems to get you quickly back in compliance, eliminate downtime and increase your bottom line. MPR Services’ customers stay competitive and compliant as they reach peak operational performance.

MPR Services systems and solutions are the one of the only ones created by expert engineers and thought-leaders in the oil and gas industry. Currently we help to reclaim more than 600,000 gallons of amines every day in permanent units at refinery locations around the world. Our operators bring world-class safety standards and performance, unparalleled subject matter expertise and superior customer service to every project.

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