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LKB is looking for talented individuals to join our highly technical team of design engineers and construction professionals.

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LKB is an equal opportunity employer and values all of our employees. We understand the importance of personal and professional needs, and as such, we provide numerous benefits for our employees’ personal and professional development. We care for our employees, and it is reflected in the benefits package offered to our team and their families.

Benefits, which begin from the date of hire for eligible employees, include medical, dental, and vision, as well as a 401(k) plan with a generous company match; we also offer opportunities to elect certain employee-paid supplemental benefits programs.

At LKB, benefits extend well beyond that. In addition to the hands-on experience gained through working closely with highly experienced engineers on projects, LKB also provides many opportunities for professional development through a Lifetime of Learning Program. We value having the best, brightest and most innovative engineers, technicians, and staff on our team. 


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