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Careers at Trupanion

At Trupanion, we help loving, responsible pet owners budget and care for their pets.

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We're not your average insurance company.

We want all team members to feel they can be their authentic selves at work and express their individuality. As a team member, you are valued for your unique ideas and contributions to the company, regardless of your role or personal background. Our goal is to offer an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and has the ability to contribute to our collective success.

We can work remotely across the US, Canada and the UK!

Trupanion is growing and evolving, and so is our team! Trupanion is going global, with team members working from home and at Trupanion offices worldwide. There are a few roles that do necessitate hybrid work in one of our offices, and any requirements will be included in our job postings.


The DNA that drives Trupanion

We care for others the way we’d want to be cared for. We work collaboratively. We aren’t afraid to be courageous and make bold decisions. We are driven by curiosity. We include everyone. Always. We are honest in how we act and communicate with others. We are nimble and open to finding the best possible solution. 

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