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UNLEASH is the world’s customer-first digital media platform for Human Resources. Built to inspire, connect and enable HR leaders worldwide to navigate the never normal and power the new working world. 

We give leaders a platform to share ideas that work, to network and do business.

Leading the debate on the work revolution, UNLEASH brings together leaders who are passionate about people and technology. They are innovators, pioneers and advocates who help connect the dots and offer that big picture perspective.

Our mission is to provide our community with a sense of PURPOSE and belonging, and to showcase the tools and technologies that will help optimise, enable and UNLEASH your people.

Our goal is to be that FORCE FOR GOOD for the HR industry.

Purpose. (Our biggest reason for existing)

To make work wonderful.

Work needs to change. It needs to open its doors to everyone in society, to welcome all comers. It needs to get out of the box we all too often put it in, to move beyond tasks, processes and structures. 

It needs to inspire the brightest minds, attract the best performers and nurture our most promising potential. At UNLEASH we believe that technology today has the potential to change work like never before. 

To make work wonderful. 

Mission. (What we’re going to do)

To optimise and enable the potential of technology into stories and moments that unleash people and the very nature of work. To challenge what is working.  

Whilst the new’s exciting, thrilling and inspiring. 
It can also be intimidating, confusing and make people and organisations freeze.  

At UNLEASH it’s our mission to create the stories that turn the potential of technology into the change that we all seek.  

Because it’s the stories that help organisations come together, be brave and take on the future.  

Vision. (Where do we want to be in the world?)

To be famous for bold visions, inspiring stories and starting movements that lead to positive change.  

There’s no shortage of advice, of analysis, of ‘how to’s out there, from transformation agencies to consultancies and advisors.  

But true change takes something else too – it takes togetherness, ambition and confidence.

Our vision is to be the organisation that starts the stories and inspires the change we all seek.  

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