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Smart, Focused and Friendly - It’s You

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Working with us: The First Day

There's a Macbook Pro on your desk with your name on it. You set it up the way you want it. The guy next to it is your mentor. He'll introduce you to the team, help you get set up, show you the tools, processes, and all the testing devices you may need. Make yourself comfortable.

Working with us: You Set the Work Hours

As long as you get the work done, we don't mind if you stay at home with your dog. Or, you could even take your dog to work - we have plenty space for both of you in our offices at the 20th floor. Enjoy the view from the top.

Working with us: You choose how to grow

If you enjoy attending conferences and expanding your horizons, we love you for it. Share your work and experience with colleagues at meetups and talks, discuss trends and breakthroughs with your team, write blogs for all our sakes, as long as you enjoy it. Your salary grows with your responsibilities.

Working with us: You Find your Team

Camaraderie is what makes teams work - the same way interesting projects inspire and maximize the talents of each member. Given time, you’ll learn to trust and support your team members, and vice versa. At Undabot, we give you an access and opportunities. You find your place.

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If you're ready to join us, apply for one of our current openings or get in touch to learn more!