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Welcome to the Valeo Foods Group Careers Page

We are so pleased you are exploring job opportunities with us, we have clearly caught your attention and we’d like to tell you more about us so please keep reading! Feel free to explore the tabs at the top of this page (Our Story, Our Brands, Our Strategy, Sustainability, Ethical Working) where you can access lots of interesting information about our company.  If you know about us already and what kind of role you’d like, you can search our current openings using the search bar above or alternatively scroll down to view all our roles.

We hope to welcome you soon to Valeo Foods Group.

About Us

Valeo Foods Group has many brands across the globe and we are proud to be market leaders in snacking and sweet treats, health & wellness, baking and meal ingredients, beverages and food service.

We have our origins in Ireland and today we have more than 25 sites throughout the UK, Europe and North America. Powered by our passionate teams, we work hard every day to deliver the best quality products we all love.

Check out opportunities at our locations below!

Our History

Valeo Foods Group’s brands have a proud history stretching back over a whopping 150 years. Food lovers have grown up on our top-quality foods with many of our products becoming a tradition to be passed down through the generations. Today, our portfolio features an impressive lineup of 85 iconic brands. Each brand tells a story of excellence: from the golden richness of Rowse Honey, the velvety allure of Buckwud Maple Syrup, the irresistible crunch of Kettle crisps to the sweet gummies and jellies of Pedro. Our customers experience the sweet magic of Poppets and Barratts Sweets, the artisanal delights of Carstens Marzipan and Balconi Cakes, the intense hit of XXX Strong Mints and the kitchen essentials brought to you by Batchelors and Odlums.

This is no ordinary portfolio and there are many, many more!

Our People

We consider our people as family – we foster a culture of care, collaboration and respect. Our people are dedicated and passionate about their work. We are a diverse team and we recognise individual strengths allowing us to develop our talent and our organisation. Protecting our people by offering a safe working environment and continuously promoting health and wellbeing is a no-brainer for us.

That’s part of our ambition.

Join us on our journey of growth and exploration as we continue to shape the future of the food industry together!

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