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Careers at NineStar Connect

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Headquartered in Greenfield, Indiana, NineStar Connect is an innovative, community-minded, communications, energy, water, and sewer cooperative that brings Urban-grade fiber optic and utility infrastructure solutions to Indiana’s most rural communities. Our reliable infrastructure solutions have made the communities we serve the most wired in Indiana, and desirable places for sustained economic development.

We’re focused on hiring dedicated, resilient professionals who are comfortable in a collaborative, team-oriented work environment. When you join our team, you aren’t working for a corporation that serves investors and shareholders – you’re working for our community’s families, neighbors, and businesses. We make our decisions based on our members and our community, which means that we value things like teamwork and putting families first. Our Employees take pride in working for a company that gives back to them and the community.



Career Development:

-          We value employees that have a desire to learn and provide reimbursement funds for continuing education. We’re also committed to in-house training and ongoing development. 

Company Benefits:

-          At NineStar Connect we offer a competitive array of benefits that include 401k matching, medical and life insurance along with profit sharing and various service discounts.


-          We offer a variety of wellness programs with paid incentives as well as on-site fitness centers available at each office location.


-          Every October NineStar Connect participates in a company wide day of service. Our Employees work with different nonprofit organizations on different projects that may have been put off because of lack of human or financial reasons. Last year, we completed work for nine different nonprofit organizations, all on the same day!


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