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Careers at Wills & Trusts

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Why Work For Us?

Wills & Trusts is what used to be called an IFA, but an IFA with a difference. The difference is that we only work with families. We do not do corporate work or commercial work as we believe helping families is the most important and rewarding thing we can do.

The firm is owned by its staff, and it is this ownership that we believe is the difference that makes the difference. When one of our team has been with the company for five years, they are rewarded by becoming a shareholder in the company. This is one of the reasons why our team stay with the company for such a long time, and the reason why our team develop such good relationships with our clients. Imagine, having a relationship with the same person that manages your investments or pension or deals with your Will for five, ten or fifteen years or more. Think how that would pay off in terms of trust, results and confidence. We have all had the experience of the person that promises you the earth, then disappears a year or so later. At Wills & Trusts that just does not happen.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are members of the Personal Finance Society where we are one of the small number of firms that have Chartered status. The award-winning Wills & Trusts Group believes in treating clients as people, not just as a number. This “family” philosophy makes the company one of the most highly respected amongst financial advisers.


Apprenticeship Programme

The Wills & Trusts Apprenticeship Programme is perfect for individuals in the early stages of their career, looking to gain the necessary qualifications to operate on a professional level whilst also obtaining crucial on-the-job training and experience.

We offer our Apprentices a fantastic opportunity to combine a variety of learning and techniques whilst also embedding the necessary practical and technical skills to ensure that as you work through the programme you become a highly knowledgeable, capable and confident employee.

Here at Wills & Trusts we appreciate that times are changing, you no longer need to spend hours writing out pages and pages from a textbook to learn something. Daily we absorb and retain knowledge through our social media feeds, TED Talks, YouTube videos as well through hands-on practical experience; Our Apprenticeship Programme delivers results in the same way. We still deliver workshops or classroom-based sessions too, but we make the most of these sessions by offering a truly blended learning solution.

We currently offer 2 Apprenticeship Programmes, both accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). You will have access to online tutorials and a tutor plus all study materials and CII Membership. 80% of your programme will consist of practical skills-based learning and 20% technical study.  

Financial Adviser Level 4 Apprenticeship

A higher-level apprenticeship that is focused on developing learners professionally to advise customers on life products, pensions and investment needs. A good fit for those currently working in an established financial role who wish to develop their knowledge in specific financial service products or looking for a career in Paraplanning or Financial Planning.

Financial Services Administration Level 3 Apprenticeship

An ideal entry-point for individuals looking to embark upon a career within Financial Services. As an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), we operate within a highly regulated environment so administrative support is a vital part of our world.

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