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Who We Are

We’re a global team of builders, listeners and problem-solvers. We do great work that is the difference to our clients’ success.

We are curious by nature, with a determination to learn, try new things and ask ourselves what’s next. We thrive in the fact there’s always more to learn and do.

No egos, no over-complication. Just great people who do everything in their power to help others succeed.

Together, we are Xplor.

Serving ‘Everyday Life’ Industries

We're the first global platform combining SaaS with embedded payments, and tools to help businesses grow and succeed. We offer software solutions in fast-growing ‘everyday life’ verticals: Education, Fitness & Wellbeing, Field Services and Personal Services – and a global, cloud-based payments processing platform.

Xplor Technologies serves over 106,000 customers that processed over $37 billion in payments, operating across 20 markets in 2023.

Diverse Talent and Culture

Xplor’s strength comes from the diversity of our people.

We strive to attract, develop, engage and retain a globally diverse mix of talent that mirrors the communities, clients and customers we serve.

Our diverse workforce is empowered by an inclusive culture that makes space for everyone to thrive, where diverse perspectives are valued, and differences are leveraged to create unique solutions.

We believe in creating lasting communities, from the workplace to the communities we’re all a part of.

We do this by giving every Xplorer three #giveback days, every year, to use for causes that matter to them. We also create lasting communities through our Xplorer Networks, and sponsoring and supporting community initiatives that align with our values. 

Our Xplorer Promise

Our Xplorer promise is simple: Reach your full potential, power others to reach their own. One way we make this happen is through Xplor GPS, which helps every Xplorer get intentional about their growth and development. Every Xplorer also gets access to LinkedIn Learning.

Our Ask Of You

Put people first. In everything you do, you work to build a community where every colleague and client has the support to succeed.

Innovate fearlessly. Whatever your skillset, your ideas and innovations are key to our clients’ success.

Aim high. You bring your determination to do the best work of your career and a commitment to leave a lasting legacy.

What You Can Expect From Us

Be powered by a community. As a Xplorer, you’re part of a global network of talented colleagues who share your determination and support your success.

See your impact. Whatever your individual role, your personal contribution will help real people and their businesses to thrive.

Achieve what’s possible. Have the opportunities, tools and support you need to deliver great work and grow at speed.

Living Our Values

At Xplor, our values are much more than words on a page. They guide the work we do every day. From the products and solutions we offer, to the way we work with our customers and each other, we know that by living up to our values we will help people succeed.

They also guide us from how we hire to how we recognize our team members.

  • Make life simple: We challenge over-complication. We know the greatest impact can be achieved when simplicity is a priority.
  • Build for people: We put our colleagues, clients and their customers at the heart of every decision. We focus on people’s needs to create the best experiences.
  • Move with purpose: We are intentional about where we’re heading. We keep pace and continuously improve as we go, delivering better outcomes faster.
  • Create lasting communities: We create strong relationships and leave a legacy. We look for commonalities and shared passions to thrive together.

Does this sound like you and the people you’d like to work with? Then we’d love to hear from you.

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