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Our purpose and beliefs guide how we build this company.

All people and businesses should have access to the connectivity they need to accomplish what's important.

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We believe people matter.

How we treat each other matters. Big egos without humility won’t last in our Company. We respect and challenge each other and hold ourselves accountable. And we are mindful that our actions impact the lives of millions every day, as they work, learn, play and connect. We are fierce advocates for more accessible, inclusive and high-quality internet and believe doing so promotes equity in the communities we serve.

We believe in thinking like customers.

We exist because customers want and value our products and services. We work every day to earn the trust customers place in us to handle their most important connections. We make decisions and measure outcomes on how well they serve our customers.

We believe in being real.

We are at our best when we bring our authentic selves to work.  We are genuine and forthright in how we communicate, and we purposefully create space for diverse perspectives, new ideas, and honest feedback. We say what we mean and do what we say.

We believe in delivering on big ideas.

We are curious and optimistic and believe anything is possible because we hire and enable the best people in the industry. We ideate, iterate and innovate because we have what it takes to solve complex problems and bring market-leading solutions to our Customers.

We believe in the speed of light.

We move at the speed of light, because light speed is what we deliver to our customers. Simplicity makes us nimble. We make fact-based, informed decisions without getting bogged down. We fail fast, learn, and tackle it again, knowing momentum is what drives success.

We believe in celebrating success.

We know engaged employees delight our customers. We recognize each others’ contributions, big or small, because it takes a team to win. We are serious about our work and have fun doing it, and we seek ways to make working here a joy.

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