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Our Internship Program Will Beef Up Your Career

Nothing artificial here. Our positions offer real experience for the real world!

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Our Internship Program

As a Jack Link's intern, your experience starts with thorough onboarding, including producing a batch of jerky in our new Innovation Center in downtown Minneapolis, MN. We also host a kickoff event with key our leaders, so you'll get to know your cohorts throughout your 12-week internship. As a key player on our team, you will recieve hands-on projects that will give you an opportunity to make an impact on both Jack Link’s and your future careers.

Additionally, you can expect engaging opportunities to network with other interns, team members and leaders at social events throughout the summer. In past summers, interns have had the opportunity to understand our business at Jack Link’s through a variety of company events and hands-on work during: 

  • Making Jack Link’s famous beef jerky
  • Visiting one of our plant locations
  • Observing focus groups that give feedback on our products
  • Retail Day to learn about the strategy we use to promote our products
  • National Jerky Day
  • Taste and sensory testing

Some interns have had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working in our manufacturing plants with experts in their field. No matter where you are located during the summer, you will get a Peer Mentor and Champion to support you throughout the internship and help make the experience valuable for you! 

At the end of the internship, you will showcase your project experience by presenting your learnings and recommendations to your team and cross-functional leaders. 

Recruiting for most of our internships begin at the start of the fall semester in sync with campus recruiting efforts. Interns at Jack Link's can gain real-world experience in Sales, Marketing, Research and Development, Food Science, Food Safety Quality, Operations, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology and other functional areas across almost all of our locations. Our internships kick off in May and continue through August. Make sure to look out for Jack Link’s at your campus career fair!

Interested? Please check with your university about their partnership with Jack Link’s and how to apply or watch for opportunities posted here! 

"I could not be more thankful for the opportunities I’ve had here at Jack Link’s. This internship is focused on developing individuals professionally and getting them hands-on experience in their chosen field. It never felt like a chore coming to work every day because of the people, the amazing intern group, and the projects I was able to work on. With the experiences I’ve had, I am proud to say that I have found a career path that I am passionate about and could not be more excited to start thanks to this internship!"

 Lauren, Partnership & Event Marketing Intern

“I was able to engage with team members at every level; all of which were willing to take time to get to know me and have a hand in making my time at Jack Link’s the best it possibly could be. Interns from every department had the opportunity to participate in events that showcased all areas of the business, from consumer research to hands-on jerky making; which gave one an incredible chance to understand all the components that make up the uniquely fun business of protein snacks! The company is nimble, and the culture is a hybrid between family owned and entrepreneurial-spirited, all while being infused with the midwestern values that root Jack Link’s humble beginnings. Words can’t express how highly I recommend this internship and the real-world experience this opportunity offers.” 

– Samantha, Sales Intern

"In my internship with Jack Link’s I have been able to research and develop Jack Link’s products with few limitations. I was given a sense of direction, not a list of directions. In this setting I was able to flourish and expand as every idea was given a fair chance. Last but not least, no day is ever the same at Jack Link’s; I came into this internship asking “what’s a typical day?” and everyone has said no day is ever the same; after the first week I could attest to that statement." 

– Michael, R&D Food Science Intern

“I felt this internship allowed me to grow more as an engineer. My projects gave me a lot more responsibility than I was used to and introduced me to new experiences. It meant a great deal to me that I could see how my projects were impacting the company and the people that work with the systems I was trying to implement.” 

- Andrew, Automation Engineer Intern

“This internship has provided me with valuable hands-on work experience that complements my academic interests and has allowed me to grow as an individual. As an intern, I felt I was a trusted and valued member of the team and my opinions and ideas were considered and appreciated. This internship served as a crucial building block to my career and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at Jack Link’s.” 

– Gabrielle, Marketing Intern

“Jack Link’s provided me with a work environment that both challenged me and welcomed me in. Everyone is on your team and wants you to succeed. You really feel like your work as an intern is valuable and will leave a lasting impact.” 

– Rachel, IT Intern

Campus Brand Ambassador Program

A natural go-getter, Jack Link’s Campus Brand Ambassadors (CBA), will be the premier collegiate, boots-on-the-ground marketing team in the industry. Our CBA's have a love of our Protein Snacks portfolio and are passionate about sharing the brand with their peers in unique and engaging ways. They will be primarily responsible for driving the brand image on campus, fostering relationships with key groups and opinion leaders, and overall building a belief in our products benefits with the ultimate goal of ensuring long term loyalty through the capitalization of the collegiate experience.

If you are interested in an Ambassador role with Jack Link’s, please apply to openings near your campus!  

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