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From concept to design to execution...we engineer, automate, lead and inspire!!

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Who Are We? Grantek Employees [Grantekians] Are…

Imaginative … it all starts with an idea.
Diverse individuals that work in tandem.
Biased for Action. We just go for it!
Clever … Proud of what we can do.
Driven to see what is around the next corner

We are a "Best Employer" and have won awards to prove it!

Grantek continues to prove to be a top employer in Canada by winning awards in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020  for Best Small and Medium Employer in Canada. Through external independent surveys of Employees, Leadership Team and Human Resources, we received the highest ranking award level of Platinum status on AON Canada Best Employer Survey. Our employee engagement, leadership, performance, culture and employment brand were all recognized as being platinum.  

Grantekians throughout the U.S. have shown us they are proud to work for Grantek through the Great Place to Work survey and audit. Grantek was surveyed and rated in 6 areas: challenges, atmosphere, rewards, pride, communication and bosses. We are happy to reveal that we received well above 96% employee approval in all categories.

Why Work at Grantek? Ask a Grantekian!

When you ask a Grantekian what they like best about working at Grantek, the answer is typically a resounding "The people". This is true. We have an amazing, collaborative and inclusive team that help to make Grantek great.

But in the words of our employees, here are a few other reasons why Grantek is such a fantastic place to work...

1. Employees are highly respected and trusted.

2. Co-workers are friends too.

3. There is so much elite technology.

4. It's rare to find a job that offers exposure to so many different technologies, and the variety of projects ensures that no two days are ever the same.

5. Grantek maintains flexible working hours and a fluid schedule for its employees.

6. Awesome family picnics - we love the food eating contests!

7. Grantek really takes care of you when you travel.

8. I used to be a client of Grantek. I loved the way they interacted with us and delivered projects that I decided to join them.

9. Coffee machine wars between the different offices...which office has a better machine?

10. The people I work with are good people and it makes it enjoyable to come to work everyday.

11. Grantek really believes in SAFETY FIRST.

12. Having pictures of our client's products throughout the office is a great reminder of what we do.

13. Grantek has a very open culture that fosters collaboration and favours individual empowerment over micromanagement.

14. We have themed BBQ parties once a month in the summer.

15. Our leadership team has an open door policy and are all very accessible. If you want to speak with the CEO about your weekend, go sit down and chat. Dave remembers every spouse's name and every child's it that possible? But it is!

16. Every employee is interviewed by the CEO and is on a first name basis with him no matter what office you are in.

17. Cookie Day!

18. Grantek genuinely cares about its employees and makes you feel like you're a part of a family. The leadership cares about your personal growth and well-being.

19. In-office massage therapy in Burlington, ahhhhhh!

20. Video game room in Allentown! Competition anyone?

21. Lunch-time foosball competitions in Chicago.

22. Candy everyday in Montreal.

23 Superman lives in the Cleveland office!

24. Pick-up truck I can use for personal transportation in Burlington.

25. Annual employee all-day outings - golf, sailing, bowling, white-water rafting, ATVing...

26. Feels more like home than just bricks and mortar.

27. The mentorship, respect and camaraderie that is displayed on a daily basis.

28. Benefits are really good.

29. Ongoing education process. We can continuously attend training and learn new technologies.

30. Santa visits the Burlington office every year and gives out gag gifts.

31. We are a flexible company that is not stuck in the standard '9 to 5 you have to be in the office' routine.

32. The way Grantek treats it's people at an HR level is just great.

33. Employee driven extracurricular activities such as a kick-ball league, weekly game nights, whirly ball, bowling, lunch-time biking groups, to name a few.

34. At our town hall meetings, employees are able to submit any question to be answered by our leadership team.

35. Generous employee referral bonus.

36. Pancake breakfasts - each department takes a turn to host.

37. Office run fantasy football leagues.

38. Each of our offices gives back to the community by participating in local charity events and fundraisers.

39. You get to wear jeans.


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