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Mohammad Shares His Grantek Story...

Location: Montreal, QC

Position: Systems Designer

I work at the Grantek Montreal office in Quebec, Canada, where I get the chance to snowboard with my colleagues after work.

I did my undergrad in Chemical Engineering. During my studies I did a few internships as a process engineering intern in the oil and gas industries, where I was introduced to the field of process control. After graduation I found a job as a process engineer and on multiple occasions had the chance to work on projects with control engineers and programmers on process control. I was fascinated by the field and wanted to learn more, so I left my job and went back to school, this time to study process control.
Once I finished school I started looking for jobs again, and I was contacted by my current manager, telling me about Grantek. So I applied and during the interviews I had the chance to meet some of my wonderful colleagues. Once an offer was presented, I accepted without hesitation.

I’ve been working here for more than two years now and have enjoyed every single day of it!

I’ve always felt that Grantek encourages their employees to grow professionally. The projects that I had a chance to work on here, all came with a challenge. Overcoming that challenge as a team is always fun and I get to learn something new every time.

Professional development is also very important at Grantek, and we’re always presented with guidelines and support to set and reach our career goals. We also get to work projects based on our passion and fields of interests, something that I value a lot. My favorite thing about Grantek is the people. We’re not just a group of people who work together during the week, we’re truly a family. That has always made working together as team even more pleasant.

I work as a systems designer in both industrial automation and manufacturing IT. I program industrial controllers, human machine interfaces and SCADAs. I’ve been mainly focused on process systems and batching systems. I’m also involved in deployment of distributed control systems and building their IT infrastructure.

The best part of working for Grantek is the variety of disciplines we get to work in. Every time we work on a new project we get to familiarize ourselves with new thing. What’s also encouraging is when we get to see the results of our hard work run in production and seeing our efforts as a team, pay off.
Combining all these factors, working for Grantek is always compelling, every day is a new adventure. Knowing that our clients trust us and rely on us to improve is what motivates everyone and encourages us to deliver our best. 

Je travaille comme concepteur de systèmes au bureau de Grantek à Montréal, Québec, où j’ai aussi l’opportunité de faire la planche à neige avec mes collègues après le travail.

J’ai fait un BAC en génie chimique. Durant mes études j’ai ou l’occasion de faire des stages en ingénierie de procédé dans le domaine de la pétrochimie (gaz et pétrole). Durant mes stages je me suis familiarisé avec le contrôle des procédés. Après avoir fini mon BAC, j’ai travaillé en tant qu’ingénieur de procédé, où j’ai eu l’opportunité de travailler sur des projets de commande et contrôle avec d’autres ingénieurs et programmeurs. J’ai tellement été fasciné par ce domaine, que j’ai pris la décision de retourner aux études pour étudier en commande des procédés.
Une fois mes études terminées, j’ai été contacté par un gestionnaire d’équipe chez Grantek Montréal, qui m’a présenté Grantek. J’ai ensuite appliqué pour un poste, et durant mes entrevues j’ai rencontré certains de mes futurs collègues formidables, alors une fois qu’une offre m’a été présentée, j’ai accepté sans hésitation.

Je travaille chez Grantek depuis un peu plus de deux ans et j’ai vraiment apprécié chaque jour passé.

J’ai toujours senti que Grantek encourage ses employés de grandir professionnellement. Les projets sur lesquelles j’ai pu travailler ont été accompagnés de défis, et surmonter ces défis en équipe est toujours très appréciable et m’a permis d’apprendre de nouvelles compétences à chaque fois.

Le développement professionnel est vraiment important chez Grantek. Nous sommes guidés et supportés dans nos choix de formation afin d’atteindre nos objectifs professionnels. Nous avons aussi l’opportunité de travailler sur des projets qui nous passionne et qui s’accorde avec notre champ d’intérêt, ce qui est très important pour moi.

Un des aspects que je préfère dans l’environnement de travail chez Grantek, c’est les gens avec qui je travaille. À Grantek, nous ne sommes pas seulement un groupe de personnes qui travaillent ensemble, mais on est une famille.

Je travaille comme concepteur de systèmes en automatisation industrielle et TI manufacturier. Je programme des automates, des interfaces hommes-machines (HMI) ainsi que des systèmes SCADA. Mes projets ont principalement été sur des procédés par lots. Je suis aussi impliqué dans le déploiement des systèmes de contrôles distribué ainsi que des infrastructures TI.

Le meilleur aspect de travailler chez Grantek c’est la variété des disciplines dans lesquelles on travaille. Chaque fois qu’on travaille sur un nouveau projet, on a l’opportunité de se familiariser avec de nouveaux concepts. Il est très motivant et encourageant de voir le résultat de nos efforts fonctionner en production et de voir que notre travail en équipe a rendu possible un tel résultat.

En résumé, travailler chez Grantek est toujours captivant, et chaque journée est une nouvelle aventure. Savoir que nos clients comptent sur nous pour s’améliorer nous encourage et nous motive à livrer notre meilleur travail jour après jour.

Ian Shares His Grantek Story...

Location: Burlington, ONT

Position: Electrical Designer

I joined Grantek in January, 2008 after I decided to leave automotive automation. The industry was volatile and many people were being let go. I knew I wanted to stay in automation but needed a new industry focus. I joined Grantek because I immediately felt they have a solid foundation of stable clients in industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage and petro. These were all new industries to me. Grantek has a large group of Engineers to learn from and I knew they would be able to help me grow and learn in these new industries.

I work in the Electrical Engineering team in the Burlington, ONT office. My main responsibilities in Electrical Engineering include taking a concept and turning it into a real control system. I do this through interpreting P&ID diagrams, setting up schematics, networks, control panel design, electrical panel design, supervision of panel build, ordering and inspecting materials, and coordination with installers. Outside of those duties, I also manage client relations and manage projects.

Grantek has good management, good motivation, positive work environment, excellent learning environment and opportunities. We are a very open team– you can ask any of the Engineers for technical advice and they will share their knowledge with you. You learn something new every day.

Outside of the work, Grantek has a great culture and support this with fun events. The events make for strong team building. This makes me feel “warm and fuzzy” about Grantek. You are a person, not a number.

Isaac Shares His Grantek Story...

Location: Vancouver, BC

Position: ICS Network Design


I finished my Engineering degree in Mechatronics Systems Engineering at Simon Fraser University in 2014, where I heavily focused my latter half of studies in controls. I heard about the job opportunity through my coop advisor and after a series of great interviews found myself working on various projects across North America.


During my first two years at Grantek, I worked as a Systems Designer working on various Solar projects and was tasked to program PLCs, HMIs, SCADA systems, and the network. As I gained more experience, I quickly became more interested in the networking space and was encouraged to continue my learning. Grantek really values continuous education and professional development so they gladly paid for my training and I began to specialize in this field. 


In my 3rd year at Grantek, I entered a new position as an Industrial Control System (ICS) Network Design Associate. I gained my CCENT Certification and am now pursuing my CCNA. I also plan to further my expertise in ICS Cyber Security and have attended SANS Training. All this said, I have learnt that Grantek really values their employees by encouraging ongoing learning to improve our skillsets. Grantek holds you accountable to this through a great Engineering Management team which encourages you in a positive environment.


Living here in Vancouver I’m able to enjoy the great outdoors right in our backyard and have been able to manage a great work/life balance. With the variety Vancouver has to offer whether it’s skiing, rock climbing, or enjoying amazing cuisine, I’d say I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. And yet regardless of location, I’ve been able to build great relationships with co-workers across the various offices we have because of the interconnectedness that is really promoted in our company.


When any server or computer system is having a problem, what’s the solution? Reset it of course. And to an extent, we can apply this to life. If ever you have a problem and clearly can’t figure it out, just take a step back, calm down, and clear the “cache” for a moment. Within Grantek, we know that you are going to run into problems – it’s the reason we work – we understand that sometimes things can get difficult so we’re here to guide you to become a system expert!

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